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Larry Closs is the founder and editor of TrekWorld. He is a writer, photographer, filmmaker and traveler and the author of Beatitude, a novel. Follow him on his site, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
TrekWorld_Human Postcards_Matias

In the one-minute videos of Human Postcards, everyday people offer unexpected insights about life, death and everything in between.
TrekWorld_Noelle Campbell_IMG_0161

Incredible beaches, beautiful vistas and grand, wide-open spaces make the Caribbean islands picture-perfect, says photographer Noelle Campbell.
TrekWorld_Geoff Tompkinson_Istanbul_4

Hyperzoom, hyperlapse, timelapse: filmmaker and photographer Geoff Tompkinson bends time and motion to show you sights you've never seen.
TrekWorld-New York Pride 2015-Larry Closs

On the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling on marriage equality, New York's Pride March 2015 was infused with a palpable and infectious optimism. See for yourself.
TrekWorld_Paris in Motion_Mayeul Akpovi

The City of Light comes alive in filmmaker and photographer Mayeul Akpovi's latest spellbinding timelapse of Paris.
TrekWorld_Neon Luminance_From the Lenz_Sean Lenz_Kristoffer Abildgaard_1

Glow sticks and long exposures combine to create fantastic rainbow waterfalls in the photography of Sean Lenz and Kristoffer Abildgaard.
TrekWorld_Paris in Motion_Eiffel Tower_Fireworks_Mayeul Akpovi

You'll love Paris even more after watching filmmaker Mayeul Akpovi's fantastic timelapse love letters to the City of Light.

The only wrong way to travel, says Women on the Road's Leyla Giray, is not to travel.

The team behind the hit web series talk turkey about meat-eaters, vegetarians, street food and their world tour.

Kora founder Michael Kleinwort talks with Larry Closs about building a sustainable brand, his favorite trek and the remarkable yak.