TrekWorld is a travel and trekking magazine devoted to adventure, advice and inspiration. It’s about the treks we take in the Himalayas and the treks we take in our everyday lives—the roads less traveled that widen our horizons, the unmarked paths that thrill, touch and challenge us while sparking compassion, curiosity and an open mind.

In articles, photos and videos, TrekWorld covers everything from the practical and useful to the philosophical and spiritual: Reliable information about mountains, trails and gear, insider advice about customs, cultures and cuisine, motivational personal narratives about small satoris that foster empathy for everyone in the world around us.

TrekWorld aims to build bridges to understanding through travel and technology, encouraging a global conversation among fellow travelers that contributes to the greater good by enhancing an ever-expanding universal shared experience.

Most of all, TrekWorld explores what unites us in our common quests, no matter what map we choose to follow. There are many paths to the same summit, Hindus say. And, as Jack Kerouac wrote in “The Dharma Bums,” echoing a Zen proverb, when you get to the top of the mountain, keep climbing.