Larry ClossLarry Closs is the founder and editor of TrekWorld, a travel and trekking magazine devoted to adventure, advice and inspiration. Closs has been a national writer, editor, photographer and videographer for 20 years for publications and websites at News Corporation, TimeWarner, Hearst, Viacom and Gesso, a communication design studio he co-founded. His photographs and videos have been featured by CNN, The Huffington Post, USA Today, The Nate Berkus Show and HarperCollins, and he has produced digital shorts for The Travel Channel.

Closs serves as Director of Communications for Next Generation Nepal, a nonprofit dedicated to reconnecting trafficked children with their families. His acclaimed first novel, Beatitude, about the sometimes thin line between friendship and love, won the 2012 Gold IPPY Award—the Independent Publisher Book Award—for Best LGBT Fiction.

From Kathmandu to Kanchanaburi, from Angkor Wat to the Albayzin, from the Costa Brava to Costa Rica, Closs has traveled throughout the U.S., U.K., Canada, Southeast Asia, Europe and Latin America, and there are few experiences he finds more exhilarating than waking up in a place that is completely foreign in every respect—culture, customs, food, transportation, architecture, language, landscape, electrical outlets.

When he’s not traveling, Closs is in New York, which, he says, is as close as you can get to experiencing what it’s like to be on the road even when you’re not.