Mother’s Song

There is a woman who walks through the streets of Seattle randomly singing opera. Wherever she goes she is singing, sometimes under her breath, sometimes loud enough for whole blocks to hear. Some people think she is deranged, some think she is inspiring. I was compelled to sit down with her and have a short conversation about Why. I only had an hour and a half with her, but she struck a chord enough that made me buy a ticket to go see my mom, heh. I decided that I would put this online and hope to inspire people to go embrace their mothers and children. She’s also a very prime example of why not to judge people by their eccentricities.

Go hug your mom this Mother’s Day! And, Moms, cherish your kids!


Music: Greg Haines “183 Times” by Greg Haines 
Filmed with a broken Canon 7D and jerry-rigged audio equipment, hehe
Directed and edited by Matty Brown 

I'm a filmmaker. I have a strong passion for visual storytelling and showing things in a provocative, emotional way. My projects include music videos, documentaries, museum installations, tourism videos, short films and live concert projections. In addition to filmmaking, I love to hike as many times a year as possible. Traveling and experiencing new cultures is very exciting for me as well. I like to garden, play with dogs, talk politics and philosophy, learn about geology and astronomy and go to the movies. Follow me on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and YouTube.


  1. I can relate with that, the fact that if you are travelling you can forget your natural life and your problems,
    for travel is such a relaxing time.

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