Trekking Nepal’s Manaslu Circuit: Part 2

In February 2012, Alexander Rose and several friends flew from Frankfurt Airport to Kathmandu, Nepal, to trek the 110-mile (177-kilometer) Manaslu Circuit. Often compared to the Annapurna Circuit for its sheer beauty and variety, Manaslu sees few trekkers, although that is predicted to change, now that there are guest houses along the entire route and camping is no longer necessary. Manaslu is part of the Great Himalaya Trail, winding its way through Tibetan and Hindu villages, circling the eighth highest mountain in the world (26,759 feet, 8,156 meters) and crossing the Larkya La Pass (17,103 feet, 5,213 meters).

This is Part 2 of Rose’s video diary.





Alexander Rose is a Visual and Motion Designer, traveler and filmmaker based in Germany. Traveling is the key to recognize the real values in life. Recent travel-projects in Nepal and Papua New Guinea can be seen on Vimeo, Facebook and Youtube.


  1. I had recently trekked this circuit in last March. Nothing had changed compared to this video by now! Manaslu circuit is still the best teahouse trek in Nepal. But teahouse in Dharmasala for a night is a nightmare.

  2. Awesome videos and the way you have shown it really represents Nepal Trekking Adventures in its absolute true colors. Although I live here in Kathmandu, and often visit these parts – I can never combine the Kathmandu city with the way of life in these himalaya regions. Great Job!

    • Thank you. I’m realy glad you like it, means alot to me 🙂 It was one of the most fascinating trek i’ve ever done. Although we had to go back, we were happy to meet the people again and enjoyed the time alot.

  3. Hi Alexander,

    Nepal is really a great place to visit. There are so many things which attracts people around the world. I visited Nepal last year with my friends and that was a great experience. I liked the place Swayambhunath Stupa and Kathmandu Durbar Square very much. There were temples with intricate woodcarving, houses with different kinds of windows and balconies, stone sculptured water tanks, monastic complexes etc.

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