Untouched Italy: Bellissima Basilicata

TrekWorld_Dreaming It{aly}_Matthew Brown

I was asked to go to Basilicata, Italy, to participate in a Digital Diary contest for the tourism board to show one of the most untouched parts of Italy. It was a rushed week, and I had to make two videos. I had two days to put this one together, so I apologize about the little knicks here and there, hehe.

My entry, Dreaming It{aly}, won the Grand Prize at the competition, and I am still in shock about the whole thing. It really was like a dream!

Music is by the amazing Reid Willis. For more info, visit reidwillis.com, and if you like his music, please contact Reid personally at reid.m.willis@gmail.com. That is his PayPal email, too, so donate a little something to him! Help an unknown artist out! He deserves it! His new album with some amazing tracks is not out yet, so contact him. The main song used in this is called “Parachute.” The first aural song is called “My Sincerity.”

Shot with the 7D
Edited with Sony Vegas

Special thank you to Nathan Miller and Jason Vo for letting me use your equipment. And a massive THANK YOU to Mikaela Bandini and Caspar Diederik; without you two this would not be possible for me. Big hugs to you guys! cantforget.it

Thank you Steven Weinberg (my script doctor) for the impromptu help getting the words to go in the video! Without your editing, my words around it would’ve been a joke, lol.

And thank you to everyone who supported me with the project! SJ Chiro, Goncalo de Almeida Costa, Steven Weinberg, Joaquin Baldwin, Brenton Perry, and the list goes on and on!

I'm a filmmaker. I have a strong passion for visual storytelling and showing things in a provocative, emotional way. My projects include music videos, documentaries, museum installations, tourism videos, short films and live concert projections. In addition to filmmaking, I love to hike as many times a year as possible. Traveling and experiencing new cultures is very exciting for me as well. I like to garden, play with dogs, talk politics and philosophy, learn about geology and astronomy and go to the movies. Follow me on Facebook, Vimeo, Twitter and YouTube.


  1. Gorgeous photography – you have a fantastic eye for color! I love the shot of the door with the keyhole. For some reason that really stood out for me. Well done! You need to visit Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada to capture some beautiful natural color! http://bit.ly/Pi3au0

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