Mongolia in 4 Minutes

TrekWorld_Jeff Diehl_Spots Unknown_Mongolia in 4 Minutes_Yaks     TrekWorld_Jeff Diehl_Spots Uknown_Mongolia in 4 Minutes_Monastery     TrekWorld_Jeff Diehl_Spots Unknown_Mongolia in 4 Minutes_Trees

Experience the roadlessness, the bandits, the breakdowns, the yaks, and the camels, without ever having to figure out how to steer and shift a right-driving mini-car through some of the remotest land on the planet. And see it out the windshield just like we did.

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US rally this summer:

Original music by David Molina:

Jeff Diehl tells stories in video of forgotten people, histories, places and events. His eye is for hire and he's always looking for the next tempting tale. You can contact him through his site, Spots Unknown, and follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Vimeo.


  1. Great video – it captures the country well in a short amount of time. We spent a month there hiking through the country and absolutely loved every minute of it.

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